I walked up all those steps and finally got within smelling distance
She smelt purty

Is this real??? I hope it isnt

anyways I truly recommend girls to carry weapons bc this shit happens to a LOT of us daily get a knife a taser pepper spray etc. - if you’re trans, brown/black, or both get your ass a gun please stay safe :((

don’t fucking do this don’t fucking do this don’t fucking do this don’t fucking do this you fucking creep ass niggas stay the fuck away if you can’t just compliment someone and leave it at that like why you gotta stalk people??? this is fucking terrifying, don’t ever be this guy

This is the world we live in.
This is what women have to deal with everyday. Our person hood may not be respected cause some fuckin dick decides his fuckin borner is more important than this girls feeling of safety. Fuck this guy. He’s one of the reasons women carry around defense weapons. He’s the reason I don’t talk t9 or acknowledged guys on the street.
Fuckin stalker.

This is why I have a conceal carry permit.